gender equality

Equal opportunities for both boys and girls help all children develop their potential and sustainably build a better future for all.

We Empower People Without Any Discrimination

There are countless girls worldwide, particularly in developing countries, who still face lifelong gender-based inequalities. Giving equal opportunities to both boys and girls is at the core of our working ethos. We believe in a world designed and built by both men and women without any discrimination. Although the Transitional Constitution and Bill of Rights (2011) of South Sudan provide guarantees for the equality of men and women, gender disparities still exist in all aspects of life, whether in education, politics, or decision-making. Women are marginalized mostly because of prevailing cultural norms. According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 5, empowering women and girls is significant for sustainable societies, and it helps boost economic growth and development.
Join us by supporting our Gender Equality work so that more girls and women are empowered to realize their full potential and take an active role in developing their communities.

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