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Ending poverty begins with agriculture! Agriculture is considered the backbone of South Sudan’s economy, in which over 80 percent of the population who live in rural areas depend on it for survival. But the agricultural sector has been ravaged by the conflict that lasted for about six years, and it has resulted in a large-scale food crisis in South Sudan. However, the current relative peace presents an opportunity to empower vulnerable and impoverished people who depend on subsistent farming with the right skills to improve their production (quality and quantity) to create access to sustainable livelihoods.

How can you help?

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Training Local Farmers

We mobilize and organize local rural farmers in South Sudan and provide them with agricultural education and training to gain new knowledge and skills to improve their farming practices for better livelihoods.

Our training programs are arranged in such a way that reflect local conditions to help poor farmers get back on their feet again. Your support can help local farmers access the necessary tools, seeds, and skills and allow them to start their lives all over again after a devastating conflict.

Support our sustainable farming initiative to help reduce food insecurity in South Sudan.

Setting Up a Model Agricultural Farm

We provide agricultural education and training, but we also engage in practical farming as a way of generating local income for our projects and combating food insecurity. Our farming practices act as a model for local farmers to observe, learn, and practice the principles of sustainable agriculture to improve their wellbeing.

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