Educational Services

Over 2 million children and youngsters in South Sudan have been deprived of education, putting their future at risk. Some of these children are doing labor work to support their families and cannot pay for their education needs. 

How can you help?

Child Sponsorship

We recognized that good quality primary and secondary education are important channels through which vulnerable and impoverished children can be empowered and have hope for a brighter future. Support the education of children in need and allow them access to learning and training to continue.

You can either fund the complete education of a vulnerable child or donate to multiple children’s education. With your support, underprivileged children can regain access to education. Let’s transform their lives! 

College Funds

Many young people in South Sudan and those who have fled to neighboring countries as refugees understand the need to get a better education. But, they often lack the resources and capacity to further their education. We believe, and research shows that higher education equips young people with the necessary knowledge and skills needed for work, which gives them a better chance for employment or job creation. You can help fund the education of youngsters and contribute to their college fees. Any amount will create a huge impact!

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